About Group Fitness
Why group fintess U may ask?
When U come to a group fitness class, U are not only working out, but having fun while doing it. One thing that is great; the other students in the class help hold U accountable to come to class each week. Our certified instructors are here to make sure U are doing the moves properly, working the areas of concern, and guide U through your workout. 

>Walk-In:  $10.00
>5 Visit Punch Card(valid for 30 days):  $30.00
>1 Month Unlimited:   $60.00
>3 Month Unlimited:   $165.00
>6 Month Unlimited:  $300.00
>12 Month Unlimited:   $45.00per month withdrawl automatically from your debit/credit card.
Ciruit Training-   This calss is a form of body conditioning. It will enhance your training using the resistants of your body targeting muscle building and endurance. All fitness levels are able to participate.
POUND-FIT-  ​ Sweat, sculpt, and ROCK with Pound-Fit. This cardio, full body workout incorporates rythmatic movements with rip sticks, while "pounding" on the floor. This workout is for ALL fitness levels
PiYo A routine combination of yoga and pilates. Low Impact that strengthens and sculpts the body and inhances flexibility.
Zumba-  Combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.
Total Toning- Build lean muscle to tone and tighten your entire body with this low impact weight lifting class. 
Transform :20-  20 minute step aerobic, muscle building, adding 20 minutes of abs and weights 
Wild Card- 45 minutes, majority of class will decide on what workout to do.

"Remember to always breath."
Each class can be modified for your fitness level. 
High intensity to slow flow yoga